September 21-22 2013

Cedar Falls, IA

This weekend, the plan was to test the new magneto at Route66 Friday night, but we wound up filling in for Rocky at Cedar Falls Saturday and Sunday. It turned out to be a great weekend for us as the pictures show. Best run for the weekend was the last one, 7.49 @ 182.67mph, reaction time of .087, just nipping (and I do mean nipping) Mark Horvath at the lights. BTW, the new mag wasn't performing right and we switched back to the old one for the last run. BTW2, Eldon and I were both bummed that Don wasn't with us for the event.

Here's a full write up about the event, on the Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Car Circuit website,you may have to cut and past the link in your browser as Internet Explorer has trouble with the hash tag sometimes:

August 24, 2013

Marion, OH

MCIR Funny Car Event We had a great but grueling weekend traveling to Ohio for the MCIR Funny Car Show, got up to leave home at 2:30AM and didn't get to bed until Sunday morning at about 2:30AM, a 24 hour marathon, but it was FUN!!! Great passes with the car, some wild driving when the dew came in at night, and a whole lotta fun with no parts attrition which is always nice. Nice track layout, but a REAL dustbowl.

You can find the event write up at the Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Car Circuit website, you may have to cut and past the link in your browser as Internet Explorer has trouble with the hash tag sometimes:

Aug 17, 2013

Joliet, IL

Route 66 Classic - Great show, great day, and great outing for the funny car. Second time out making full passes, new best time of 7.49!! More progress to be made, although it may be next year, we're looking to knock even more time off of the elapsed times. We'll see how the event on Aug 24 goes and how we do at the September outing.

August 10, 2013 Lot's of fun at Route 66 last night, first and only time out for the coupe this year, ran great, posted a lot of 11.0 and 11.1 runs. That car is always a lot of fun, but the funny car is taking precedence.

July 6 & 7, 2013

Union Grove, IL

July 4th weekend at Union Grove for the Inaugural Broadway Bob Dinosuar Nationals was a really good weekend for the car. Thanks to Berni, Bill, & Karen for helping, Brett, Dawn, Cameron, Jim, Jim, and Maribeth for coming out, glad you had a good time. A big thanks as always to Eldon and Don for helping me with this car and getting me safely down the track, I couldn't be out there without you. Here's the recap:

Saturday - 2 passes, the first was the better, clicking off at 1100 feet and running a 7.98 ET. Very satisfying. The second pass there were 2 gremlins, one in the shifter that soured the run, and one we found when we pulled the valve covers: #2 exhaust rocker adjuster was galling the pushrod, by the time we fixed it we were too late for the third call.

Sunday - NO gremlins, solid all day. First pass threw the chutes out at 1100 feet and clicked it off, the chutes tugged the car down before the finish to an 8.01 ET. Second pass left the line fine, driver error bumped into third immediately after the shift into second so it loaded the car down a little, but still ran a full pass at 7.85 ET. Third and final pass they sent me first and I posted a 7.64 ET full pass!! We're ready to start dialing this car in.

We also had the computer running so we began collecting and looking at data to understand what's going on inside the engine as we go down the track.

Here's a great picture from the track staging the car.

June 14, 2013

Joliet, IL

T&T Out with the funny car tonight at Route 66!!!

First pass was good to 660, second pass came late due to a flipped car and the dew had come in so it was a slippery road to 660.


May 25-26, 2013

Union Grove, IL

As fill in guest with the Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Car Circuit we had a great weekend at Union Grove with the funny car. We got some good hits on the car and solved a problem or two.

In particular, we resolved the air shift bottle leaking gremlin, it was a sticky Clippard valve (another new part brand new funky). We borrowed one for the last 2 runs and had no issues.

I made a series of 400 foot launches and comfortably moved up to 660 foot. Gaining a little comfort with each squirt.

Quite a few pics of the car on the CompetitionPlus website in the 2013 photo gallery:
Pages 4 , 7 , 8 , & 9.

Flipping through the Great Lakes Dragstrip page, I didn't realize they put this up there during the Memorial Day Olympics of Drag Racing show. On the first day, we hadn't taken the car down the track there yet, so Don and I walked to full length of the track inspecting it, and then we decided to make a test squirt early in the day to see what the track would hold prior to the show.

February 23, 2013

Saturday at the Race & Performance Expo, I wasn't interested in the Route66 schedule until Eldon Niles pointed out my picture in the ad for the August event. Then, I took a "fair share" of pamphlets. Guess I'm going?

September 2012

We had planned to make some of the 4 remaining Route 66 Test & Tunes, but the rain man was against us, and EVERY T&T was a rain out.

Oh well, we're fired up for 2013!!

August 18, 2012

As fill in guest with the Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Car Circuit, it's our econd time out with car, plan is for short 300-400 foot squirts getting my feet wet, and in front of a sizeable crowd no less.

First launch - car dies at the end of the burnout and the guys have to push it back to the starting line. Announcer declares, "Looks like it's back to the drawing board for the RoadShow guys." The car won't restart, so it's back to the pits - we diagnose the new Autometer Mag Signal Converter went bad. Already??? we remove it from the system and prepare for launch 2.

Second launch - nice burnout, stage, and real nice 400 squirt. But it won't shift up for the drive down track. ??? Back in the pits we discover there is no air in the shifter bottle. We get the bottle refilled from another racer and prepare for launch 3.

Third launch - nice burnout, stage, and another real nice 400 foot squirt. We pack up and head for Hooters to celebrate what we consider our first event.

Not to mention, a shot ofthe 'ol 1932 5 window at a Test & Tune was used as the advertisement!!

Funny Car makes CompetitionPlus!!! in the photo gallery for the 2012 Route 66 Classic Nostalgia Meet, check out pages 1, 11, and 13 for the blue “RoadShow” car

August 3, 2012


After a couple Saturdays of test fires in the drive way and practicing our routine, we make our way to Route 66 for the maiden launch of the funny car.

After much prep, and mental rehersing, and nerves in bundles we take it to the line. The mission: a simple burnout, stage, and just launch the car - trade feet and trade back - then drive to the first turn off.

All in all it was a success. WHAT A RUSH!!!

My instructions were after trading feet back to just drive it gentle to the end. Well, that became an unexpected lesson, and the car went through a series of impulse lurches sounding like a loud PacMan!!! Yep, we call it the day I drove like PacMan!!! At the time I was WTF, now it's ROFLMYAO when we think/talk about it!!!